I came across a notebook I had when I visited IU-Bloomington in November 1992. In it were some SCRIBBLED notes I took while I was downstairs in the "new" (to us) library at the microfilm machine looking at the old IDSs. I can't read my handwriting in some places. There seemed to be no order to the dates. I was just looking at random. _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ ______ ______ _____ MONDAY SEPTEMBER 9,1967: Wright, Forest, MRC only non-co-ed dorms left,,, 22,000 expected to register,,, $180 tuition in-state, $495 out-of-state [I was out of state},,, IDS was 10c,,, GRAND OPENING: "The Otherside", All Beatles $3.79, Big Brother and the Holding Company $3.49, address 414 1/2 East Kirkwood {bldgs no longer exist}, 11am to 10pm,,, pictures of First National Bank, Shopping Center, Downtown, 217 West Kirkwood,,, The Music Center 104 e.krkwood,VANCE'S MUSIC college mall, "A Man and a Woman" $4.69 sale,,, Alpha Sigma Phi brand new,,, photo of IU Bookstore,,, Horlen's No-Hitter yesterday,,, "67 HOOSIERS YOUNG AND FAST" {football},,, photo- Wiles Drug downtown,,,NO meals mentioned.___ ____ ____ ____ ____ Tuesday September 12, 1967 IDS: FIRST STUDENTS ENROLL TODAY {me: 210 pm, but I came in from NYC over the summer to do early registration},,, picture of correctly filled out PERMIT TO REGISTER card: Questions: Do you plan to teach in the public schools of Indiana?, If employed last semester: where? Type of job? hours worked per week? Parents: Did he/she attend IU? Church Preference? (optional), If you live in town- Name of Landlady? Do you work for your room? Male students only: selective service number?,,,FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORES AND STUDENTS ON ACADEMIC PROBATION MAY NOT OPERATE A CAR IN MONROE COUNTY,,, can check your trunks in hall closets on dorm floors,,, PAINTING STOLEN FROM UNION: "CACTI",,, sports: GONSO NAMED QUARTERBACK !!! ____ ____ _____ _____ ____ WEDNESDAY SEPT 13, 1967 : ACTION PARTY- Where is it?? Six years on campus,,,, Movie ads: A guide for the married man, Count of hong kong, Diary of a chambermaid, In the heat of the night, Barefoot in the park, The pink pussy cat-starlite drive in,,, ACTIVITIES FAIR,,, ____ ____ ____ ____ THURS SEPT 14, 1967 IDS: Kaline smashes 3 hits includ 24th HR, scored 3 runs, lolich wins 6th straight, 5 hitter, detr 6 balt 1, 3rd place 1 gb, lolich 11-12 lost 10 in row before win streak,,, article about chains on everything: shoes, earrings, waists,, ,{THIS WAS THE FIRST ISSUE WITH MEALS MENTIONED. Was this the first time we freshmen ate in the dorm or did they just not have the info until now? I still remember the bery first time I went up the Wright stairs, saw the line, and waited in the line and what I was saying. And in those days they had both LINES and a row of ADULT WOMEN as servers! Not anymore. :: Blended juice, stewed prunes, poached eggs, hot or cold cereal, toast. Lunch: beef noodle soup, franks,baked beans, relish plate, stuffed celery, pickles, olives, lemonade DINNER: fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, brussels sprouts, pears, cherry cobbler. {Of course, in those days we didnt have carbonated beverages- what we New Yorkers called 'sodas' and you Hoosiers called 'cokes'. We had whole milk, skim milk, chocolate milk, ades, coffee and tea} {Ah, Here it is: "Contract meals begin at lunch". Now that explains my memory of my first meal being at lunchtime. So my first meal at IU in 9/67 was HOTDOGS. NOT an auspicious beginning!. And my first breakfast on my lunchcard was the next morning} ___ ___ ___ ____ ____ FRIDAY Sept 15, 1967 IDS: 76 more classdays in semester,,, Breakfast: O.J., cinnamon rolls, hot or cold cereal, toast and jelly,,, Three day ACTIVITIES FAIR ended yesterday,,, THE SPECTATOR- started Spring 1966,,, Ted Najam, student supreme court chief justice,,, Hurricane Beulah,,, " Reduce by 90% glue sniffing in city- merchants cooperate",,, If A.L. Playoff, Tigers win toss, four teams named (bos,chic,detr,minn), 2 of 3 to be in Tiger Park, If tie for pennant first playoff OCT 2, Minn game 2 Bos games 1,3 and chic game 2, detr games 1,3 Best 2 of 3,,,_____ _______ ____ --_ _____ _____ SATURDAY Sept 16,1967 IDS: ALUMNI HALL DANCE 9-12 pm "First Fling" open 8pm {I went to this},,, movies: Heat of night, Only live twice, After the fox, Fistful of dollars- drive in, Guide for the married man- many comedians & Jayne Mansfield {didnt she just die then?}, Hud, Barefoot/park, count HK, Dairy Chamb,,, CURRYS CAMPUS BOOKSTORE 1302 East Third and 116 south Indiana- all Physics used books,,,Menu: Breakfast: grapefruit juice, apricot nectar, grilled eggs, cereal, LUNCH: Austrian Ravioli, butt. froz. asparagus, toss salad, celery seed ?'desc'? (illegible) , apple sauce, canned bing cherries or banana. Dinner: grilled hambug steak, ranch style potatoes, butt froz corn, sliced tomatoes, butterscotch (illeg), MONDAY will be blended juice, prune juice, scrambled eggs, hot or cold cereal, toast_____ ____ ____ ____ SEPTEMBER 20, 1967 IDS (no 19, 18,17? Note says "MISSING!!!") (No meals mentioned for 9-20)FULL PAGE AD: anti-Vietnam War by Larry Canada,,, MELON MESS last night, free melons,by sigma chi,,, STUDENT ID CARDS ready(?) Beginning 9/25, pick up in Solarium, 5,000 cards incl freshmen who didnt pre-register,,, BOTTLE COKE MACHINES BEING REMOVED ALL OVER CAMPUS- cup machine replaces,,, Queen Elizabeth in Scotland,,, ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ SEPTEMBER 22, 1967: Senator Gary Kovener, Briscoe II calls for new party,,, Not sell too many "Student Evaluation Of Faculty" books, 1800 so far,,, NOTE: The main thing reappearing in the IDS all month long in Sept 1967 was Guy Loftman in Assembly Hall dispute (He didnt want it),,, sports: Wes Westrum calls it quits {This created a trivia question as Salty Parker became manager of the Mets for a day and was therefore technically the manager befor Gil Hodges}, LADY BIRD VISITS COLUMBUS (Indiana ???),,, ____ _____ _____ _____ SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 23, 1967: WOODLAWN FIELD DANCE {I went looking for this and I had no idea where Woodlawn field was},,, mild today,high 70-76, low in 50s,,, Wendy Freney,,, 27,016 at Bloomington, 46,835 total,,, ACTION PARTY DISSOLVED, TRYUS PARTY chair is Rock Winchell, PRP progressive reform party,,,movies: Casino Royale, El dorado, easy come (?), Oh daddy,poor daddy, at von lee: Henry V, Banning, Heat/Night, Up the down staircase, hurry sundown, alfie, American (illegible),,, _____ _____ _____ MONDAY SEPT 26,1967 IDS: ad: I, A Woman,,, IMPACT PARTY formed,,, pick up your ids today,,, IDS $10.00 a year,,, speed reading in Bloomington- OPTIMATION at Poplars Hotel,,, WIUS will begin MONDAY 9/18 {no more wqad} 730 khz to wright, teter, forest,read, sigma phi epsilon house, at 600 khz to foster, mcnutt, briscoe,mrc, popular music 6am to midnight, FM or recorded from midnight to 6am,,, Triangle-Beau Brummels, Are You Experienced?, The live kinks, garden of joy- Jim (illegible),,, _____ _____ _____ _____ ____ WEDNESDAY SEPT 27, 1967 IDS: ROCK WINCHELL BECOMES FIRST PRESIDENT OF IMPACT PARTY,,, Look at the stars: Weds. 8-9pm kirkwood observatory,,, swain east 118 air conditioner broken ,,, MARAT/SADE, The Bobo, I,a woman, Casino Royale, ,,, spelunking club meeting,,,Hurr Beulah dies,,, ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ THURS SEPTEMBER 28,1967 IDS: tiger,leopard prints decorating rooms, ____ ____ ____ ____ FRIDAY SEPT 29,1967: LT.GOV. Robert Rock here 9/30 to support Lemon for Mayor,,, "Last week is no more- COOL!. High in 50s, Down to 30s yesterday".,,, $5 green parking decals,,,Spray-on bandage developed,,, REDBOOK OUT ABOUT Oct 25, has brand new face $1.50,,, 'pin' girls,,, Committee formed to use computers for registration,,, Four Seasons tomorrow IU Auditorium,,, THE OWL- coffee house 4th and Lincoln, free Fo?? {Cant tell if this is food or forum} 1 1/2 years old, open tonight 9pm, in basement of Wesley Foundation Bldg, tables in semi-circle around raised platform, tablecloths look like Paul Klee Print, candles in bottles, hold up to get waitress, started 2/66,,, MORE INTEREST IN FENCING {I loved it},,, #1 Notre Dame to play PURDUE 8 upi, 10 ap in Lafayette, #2 USC,,,____ ____ ____ ___ ____ SAT. SEPT 30::: LAST NIGHT'S PEP RALLY for Pont,,, movies: irma, hills run red, naked runner, marriage on rocks, marat/sade towne cinema, casino royale-princess, drive in- (illegible- Harry, YOUNG rages?),,, old Showers Plant #1- public auction last night,,, ___ ___ ___ ___ TUESDAY, OCTOBER 3,1967::: MONON PASSENGER TRAIN NOW A THING OF THE PAST {took last run},,, narrow victory may mean long season {Referring to football???},,, DORM BEING BUILT FOR GRADS! To be completed about 8-15-68 {This became Eigenmann},,, speidel watchbands {back when watches were considered jewelry},,, IND. HIRE D(ark)? illegible,,, _____ ____ ___ ___ WEDNESDAY. OCT. 4::: PRP freshman class president candidate - marty higgins- G (illeg),,, RUSK TO SPEAK TUES> OCT> 31,,, Stokes win mayor nom. D.P. Cleveland,,, SILVER THROAT- bill cosby sings,,, Loftman's beads,,, John von kannon- Impact! district chairman,,, movies: the war game-von lee, defector-towne cinema, man for all seasons- princess theatre,,, ____ ____ ____ ___ ___ FRIDAY OCTOBER 6,1967::: STUDENT SENATE PASS BILL TO ELIMINATE ALL DISCRIMINATORY RULES FOR WOMEN (Women's hours),,, anti-draft union formed,,, NO theme for Homecoming this year. Make floats as wish,,, floats: 5 qualities: originality, col (illeg), appear, workmanship, sound/motion, ten points for each, under $150, deadline for application friday oct. 27 {looks like 27},,, Lonborg one-hitter,,, Family Way- Indiana,,,___ ___ ___ ___ ___ SATURDAY OCT.7,1967:: date is there but I don't see anything. _____ _____ _____ _____ TUESDAY OCTOBER 10, 1967: ROBIN HUNTER, PRP CHAIRMAN,,, James Farmer,oct 11, alumni hall, Display cases at Ballantine- Peace in Vietnam Committee,, Halls of Resid phone dir at 51c, redbook oct 25 on sale union bldg,,, 3 buses fee lane- another every hour until (1pm???),,, Reuben $1.35 at Big Wheel,,, SUNDAY'S LOVE-IN outside the library, loud band, dunn meadow {This was the old library at the entrance at kirk/ind},,, Eastland Beauty Salon{Notes say," Chin script with pagoda} (shows sign jutting out)_____ ______ _____ _____ SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11,1967: HAWKINS LEADS IMPACT TICKET AFTER PARTY'S FIRST CONVENTION,,,, comments on "Lofty man and the great unwashed ,,, "Womens hours should be extended to midnight sunday-thursday, special sign out priv on weekends, Second semester freshman women should have same priv. as upperclas ones, _____ _____ _____ _____ SATURDAY OCTOBER 14, 1967: MAINTENANCE MEN IN DORMS DOWN FROM 12 to 9,,, kept Guevara's finger,,, Photo of IU Memmorial Union sign 1967: shield shape, from top down said: Indiana Memorial Union (in script), COMMONS ENTRANCE, Alumni Hall, (illeg ? so imiu), next line; barber beauty shop, next line; bowling billiards, next line- CO-- (??), next line; craft shop,,, _____ _____ _____ _____ ____ THURSDAY OCTOBER 19, 1967: TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE, 355am to 515am to 730am,,, vincent knauf, soph, wright (This was the PRP candidate that Loftman brought to our main lounge who stuttered),,, dorm menu: lunch-veg soup, burgers, pot salad, pink applesauce, iced choc brownies, coffee,tea,milk DINN- swiss stk, butt nood, wilt lettuce, minted (illg: pen?), froz straw shortcake or sliced peaches, Friday breakfast: oj, pineapp ju, persian coff cake, hot and cold cereal, toast jelly, tea, milk, cocoa, _____ _____ ________ _______ FRIDAY OCTOBER 20, 1967: Picture of Grant Hawkins,,, IMPACT SWEEPS FROSH SLATE, gets 11 of 20 senate seats, beat marty higgins 1917-529,,,, lord harlech, form ambass to usa,,, guys get papers 7am, girls 8am, in mailboxes (no guys allow in girls dorm),,,, NO STUDENT WHO HAS STARTED HIS COLLEGE CAREER AT IU AS OUT OF STATER CAN CHANGE IT {Boy, don't I know it. I tried for years}_____ _____ _____ _____ ____ ______ ______ ______ TUESDAY OCTOBER 24, 1967: (My parents' 19th anniversary) ABOUT 300 IU STUDENTS IN PENTAGON ANTI-WAR DEMON,,, alligator-lizard bags at Wicks,,, EAST HALL (practice place) to be torn down for new opera house {It later burned down},,, IU # 10 !!!!!,,,, "LUV" Princess Theatre,, (Note says, ' newspaper's one page has Th oct 19 date still on),,, hairdos secured neatly by ribb, scar, barrettes, fast becoming IU coed fav style _____ _____ _____ ______ WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 25, 1967: HOMECOMING QUEEN FINALISTS,,, Loftman anti-womens hours,,, showers predicted, high 56-66, low 30s _____ _____ _____ ______ THURSDAY OCTOBER 26, 1967: J-BOARD,,, luv, the trip- von lee, wait until dark- iu aud, what you do in war daddy- t.cin, the group- t.cinema, point blank- indiana,,, bloodmobile- oct 31, nov 1,2,,, big wheel,,, breakfast- oj or pj, honey nut coffee cake, cer,toast,jel, cof,tea,milk,cocoa,, lunch- french onion soup, BLT, corn, pear juice, oatmeal or gumdrop cookies, CTM, dinner- salis stk, but pot, eggplant or (illeg: lim?py?) or slices, spice cake or (illeg grp???), CTM _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ FRIDAY OCTOBER 27, 1967: KIVA 25c, LUV 7:25pm, 9:30 pm,, T bone stk 99c/lb Reynolds Meat Market 4th/college,, B- oj,aj, poach eggs, h/c cer, toast, jel, CTM Co,,L- crm mush sp, f.fries,fish sq or beef barb, buns,butt, grn beans, apple waldorf salad, straw or lem ice crm, SUPP- salm croq or bak ham, ov bak (pot?) , butt froz brocc, peach sl, crm puffs with choc sauce or jello cubes _____ _____ ______ ______ THURSDAY NOVEMBER 2,1967: HERALDING THE 1967 MADRIGAL DINNER, alumni Hall sat.dec.2 to sun dec 17 $4.00 each, room m-9 IMU, _____ _____ ______ ______ SATURDAY NOVEMBER 4, 1967: MRC/READ FLOAT WIN- 15' skunk, rightguard, leave em defenseless {WHATEVER HAPPENED TO OUR FLOAT IN FRONT OF FOREST WITH THE WIZARD OF ID CASTLE AND CHARACTERS? I RECALL WORKING ON IT AND HOW ALL IT DID WAS RAIN ON US} _____ _____ _____ _____ TUESDAY NOVEMBER 7, 1967: IU football team SIXTH IN NATION! _____ _____ _____ _____ ____ WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 8, 1967 : HOOKER WINS! (repub){mayor, Bloom} 4538-3944, ,, Spect ask to maed (?illeg), ,Her-Telephone,,, john garner dies,age 98,,, ids 10c,,, cant buy individual bus fares,,, SCOTTY'S- 2 days only, 9c burgers ,1st anniversary,,, ____ _____ _____ _____ ____ THURSDAY NOVEMBER 9,1967: TWO DAYS AGO WEATHER FREEZE WATER IN FOUNTAIN (11/7),,,, 13,800 sign petition apology to Dean Rusk,,, 1967 worst strike year since 1959,,, new invis glass heels- women shoes____ ____ ____ ___ ____ NOVEMBER 16, 1967: PULSATING GLOW SIGHTED, UFO, 12:15am, in In Briscoe looked towards old stadium,brgt yellow, Prof Burkhead comments,,,, NOVEMBER ISSUE BIG TEN MAGAZINE, Burkhead mentions do it yourself UFO,,, Scottys 19c fish sandw spec (reg 30c) _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ NOVEMBER 29,1967: 700 sign up for Pasadena fl(ight?),..... .... .... .... ..... 12/3/98 ..... under construction tues dec.1,1998, york,pa, between harrisburg/baltimore and lancaster/gettysburg. 12:32 pm.... monday dec 7, 1998 241 pm... ________ ____ _____ _____ JANUARY 12, 1968: "Fitzwilly" ,Dick van Dyke,, To Sir With Love, Princess Theatre,,, Grand Prix, Indiana Theatre, _____ _____ _____ _____ SATURDAY JANUARY 13, 1968: ?? "CANC ACT FAIR,,, {Does this mean cancelled activities fair?},,, ANNUAL TYRONIAN DANCE last night in Alumni Hall, rep centers and frats and sor" _____ _____ _____ _____ FRIDAY February 8, 1968: NIXON- free speech in Wash,Ind sat 2/10/68,,, Final exam sched- sat may 25 - sat june 1, 68,,, 10:30 mwf class- 745am- 945am may 28,, 1:30 mwf 745am-945, 11:30 mwf 315- 515pm, _____ _____ _____ _____ FRIDAY FEB> 16,1968: VON LEE- "The GRADUATE" starts wednesday 2-21-68, t.cinema- valley of the dolls, ,, FIRE!- 620 Briscoe A "women's bldg" - paper clip in Electric socket,,, _____ _____ _____ _____ FRIDAY FEB.23, 1968: Towne Cinema: How I won the War (john lennon),, ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ WED. FEB. 28, 1968: FREE FOOD- International Week, Ballantine Hall,,, "Male Mumblings"- miniskirts on dates- 9 people answered,,, _____ _____ ______ _____ THURSDAY FEBRUARY 29, 1968 (leap year day): THE GRADUATE, von lee, $1.50, 7pm, 903pm, fri & sat 630pm, 830, 1030,, T.Cinema: The Good,Bad,Ugly,, "B + Cloudy, (Ind)", , Marcel Marceau to IU auditorium Saturday March 2,,, _____ _____ _____ _____ FRIDAY MARCH 1, 1968: NAJAM last night, chief justice stud supr ct, told student senate will run for pres (Impact), Helmke run for V.P.,,, VIET WAR prot. outside bus.bldg after Dow Chem debate not take place,,, ____ ____ ____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ WED DEC 9, 1998: I believe thats all of the IDS notes that I had in my 1992 visit book but i also had 1991,94 and 95 notebooks which are in my house somewhere. 241pm--- ---- ---


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