I came across a notebook I had when I visited IU-Bloomington in November 1992. In it were some SCRIBBLED notes I took while I was downstairs in the "new" (to us) library at the microfilm machine looking at the old IDSs. I can't read my handwriting in some places. There seemed to be no order to the dates. I was just looking at random. _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ ______ ______ _____ MONDAY SEPTEMBER 9,1967: Wright, Forest, MRC only non-co-ed dorms left,,, 22,000 expected to register,,, $180 tuition in-state, $495 out-of-state [I was out of state},,, IDS was 10c,,, GRAND OPENING: "The Otherside", All Beatles $3.79, Big Brother and the Holding Company $3.49, address 414 1/2 East Kirkwood {bldgs no longer exist}, 11am to 10pm,,, pictures of First National Bank, Shopping Center, Downtown, 217 West Kirkwood,,, The Music Center 104 e.krkwood,VANCE'S MUSIC college mall, "A Man and a Woman" $4.69 sale,,, Alpha Sigma Phi brand new,,, photo of IU Bookstore,,, Horlen's No-Hitter yesterday,,, "67 HOOSIERS YOUNG AND FAST" {football},,, photo- Wiles Drug downtown,,,NO meals mentioned.___ ____ ____ ____ ____ Tuesday September 12, 1967 IDS: FIRST STUDENTS ENROLL TODAY {me: 210 pm, but I came in from NYC over the summer to do early registration},,, picture of correctly filled out PERMIT TO REGISTER card: Questions: Do you plan to teach in the public schools of Indiana?, If employed last semester: where? Type of job? hours worked per week? Parents: Did he/she attend IU? Church Preference? (optional), If you live in town- Name of Landlady? Do you work for your room? Male students only: selective service number?,,,FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORES AND STUDENTS ON ACADEMIC PROBATION MAY NOT OPERATE A CAR IN MONROE COUNTY,,, can check your trunks in hall closets on dorm floors,,, PAINTING STOLEN FROM UNION: "CACTI",,, sports: GONSO NAMED QUARTERBACK !!! ____ ____ _____ _____ ____ WEDNESDAY SEPT 13, 1967 : ACTION PARTY- Where is it?? Six years on campus,,,, Movie ads: A guide for the married man, Count of hong kong, Diary of a chambermaid, In the heat of the night, Barefoot in the park, The pink pussy cat-starlite drive in,,, ACTIVITIES FAIR,,, ____ ____ ____ ____ THURS SEPT 14, 1967 IDS: Kaline smashes 3 hits includ 24th HR, scored 3 runs, lolich wins 6th straight, 5 hitter, detr 6 balt 1, 3rd place 1 gb, lolich 11-12 lost 10 in row before win streak,,, article about chains on everything: shoes, earrings, waists,, ,{THIS WAS THE FIRST ISSUE WITH MEALS MENTIONED. Was this the first time we freshmen ate in the dorm or did they just not have the info until now? I still remember the bery first time I went up the Wright stairs, saw the line, and waited in the line and what I was saying. And in those days they had both LINES and a row of ADULT WOMEN as servers! Not anymore. :: Blended juice, stewed prunes, poached eggs, hot or cold cereal, toast. Lunch: beef noodle soup, franks,baked beans, relish plate, stuffed celery, pickles, olives, lemonade DINNER: fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, brussels sprouts, pears, cherry cobbler. {Of course, in those days we didnt have carbonated beverages- what we New Yorkers called 'sodas' and you Hoosiers called 'cokes'. We had whole milk, skim milk, chocolate milk, ades, coffee and tea} {Ah, Here it is: "Contract meals begin at lunch". Now that explains my memory of my first meal being at lunchtime. So my first meal at IU in 9/67 was HOTDOGS. NOT an auspicious beginning!. And my first breakfast on my lunchcard was the next morning} ___ ___ ___ ____ ____ FRIDAY Sept 15, 1967 IDS: 76 more classdays in semester,,, Breakfast: O.J., cinnamon rolls, hot or cold cereal, toast and jelly,,, Three day ACTIVITIES FAIR ended yesterday,,, THE SPECTATOR- started Spring 1966,,, Ted Najam, student supreme court chief justice,,, Hurricane Beulah,,, " Reduce by 90% glue sniffing in city- merchants cooperate",,, If A.L. Playoff, Tigers win toss, four teams named (bos,chic,detr,minn), 2 of 3 to be in Tiger Park, If tie for pennant first playoff OCT 2, Minn game 2 Bos games 1,3 and chic game 2, detr games 1,3 Best 2 of 3,,,_____ _______ _____ _____ _____ SATURDAY Sept 16,1967 IDS: ALUMNI HALL DANCE 9-12 pm "First Fling" open 8pm {I went to this},,, movies: Heat of night, Only live twice, After the fox, Fistful of dollars- drive in, Guide for the married man- many comedians & Jayne Mansfield {didnt she just die then?}, Hud, Barefoot/park, count HK, Dairy Chamb,,, CURRYS CAMPUS BOOKSTORE 1302 East Third and 116 south Indiana- all Physics used books,,,Menu: Breakfast: grapefruit juice, apricot nectar, grilled eggs, cereal, LUNCH: Austrian Ravioli, butt. froz. asparagus, toss salad, celery seed ?'desc'? (illegible) , apple sauce, canned bing cherries or banana. Dinner: grilled hambug steak, ranch style potatoes, butt froz corn, sliced tomatoes, butterscotch (illeg), MONDAY will be blended juice, prune juice, scrambled eggs, hot or cold cereal, toast_____ ____ ____ ____ SEPTEMBER 20, 1967 IDS (no 19, 18,17? Note says "MISSING!!!") (No meals mentioned for 9-20)FULL PAGE AD: anti-Vietnam War by Larry Canada,,, MELON MESS last night, free melons,by sigma chi,,, STUDENT ID CARDS ready(?) Beginning 9/25, pick up in Solarium, 5,000 cards incl freshmen who didnt pre-register,,, BOTTLE COKE MACHINES BEING REMOVED ALL OVER CAMPUS- cup machine replaces,,, Queen Elizabeth in Scotland,,, ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ SEPTEMBER 22, 1967: Senator Gary Kovener, Briscoe II calls for new party,,, Not sell too many "Student Evaluation Of Faculty" books, 1800 so far,,, NOTE: The main thing reappearing in the IDS all month long in Sept 1967 was Guy Loftman in Assembly Hall dispute (He didnt want it),,, sports: Wes Westrum calls it quits {This created a trivia question as Salty Parker became manager of the Mets for a day and was therefore technically the manager befor Gil Hodges}, LADY BIRD VISITS COLUMBUS (Indiana ???),,, ____ _____ _____ _____ SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 23, 1967: WOODLAWN FIELD DANCE {I went looking for this and I had no idea where Woodlawn field was},,, mild today,high 70-76, low in 50s,,, Wendy Freney,,, 27,016 at Bloomington, 46,835 total,,, ACTION PARTY DISSOLVED, TRYUS PARTY chair is Rock Winchell, PRP progressive reform party,,,movies: Casino Royale, El dorado, easy come (?), Oh daddy,poor daddy, at von lee: Henry V, Banning, Heat/Night, Up the down staircase, hurry sundown, alfie, American (illegible),,, _____ _____ _____ MONDAY SEPT 26,1967 IDS: ad: I, A Woman,,, IMPACT PARTY formed,,, pick up your ids today,,, IDS $10.00 a year,,, speed reading in Bloomington- OPTIMATION at Poplars Hotel,,, WIUS will begin MONDAY 9/18 {no more wqad} 730 khz to wright, teter, forest,read, sigma phi epsilon house, at 600 khz to foster, mcnutt, briscoe,mrc, popular music 6am to midnight, FM or recorded from midnight to 6am,,, Triangle-Beau Brummels, Are You Experienced?, The live kinks, garden of joy- Jim (illegible),,, _____ _____ _____ _____ ____ WEDNESDAY SEPT 27, 1967 IDS: ROCK WINCHELL BECOMES FIRST PRESIDENT OF IMPACT PARTY,,, Look at the stars: Weds. 8-9pm kirkwood observatory,,, swain east 118 air conditioner broken ,,, MARAT/SADE, The Bobo, I,a woman, Casino Royale, ,,, spelunking club meeting,,,Hurr Beulah dies,,, ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ THURS SEPTEMBER 28,1967 IDS: tiger,leopard prints decorating rooms, ____ ____ ____ ____ FRIDAY SEPT 29,1967: LT.GOV. Robert Rock here 9/30 to support Lemon for Mayor,,, "Last week is no more- COOL!. High in 50s, Down to 30s yesterday".,,, $5 green parking decals,,,Spray-on bandage developed,,, REDBOOK OUT ABOUT Oct 25, has brand new face $1.50,,, 'pin' girls,,, Committee formed to use computers for registration,,, Four Seasons tomorrow IU Auditorium,,, THE OWL- coffee house 4th and Lincoln, free Fo?? {Cant tell if this is food or forum} 1 1/2 years old, open tonight 9pm, in basement of Wesley Foundation Bldg, tables in semi-circle around raised platform, tablecloths look like Paul Klee Print, candles in bottles, hold up to get waitress, started 2/66,,, MORE INTEREST IN FENCING {I loved it},,, #1 Notre Dame to play PURDUE 8 upi, 10 ap in Lafayette, #2 USC,,,____ ____ ____ ___ ____ SAT. SEPT 30::: LAST NIGHT'S PEP RALLY for Pont,,, movies: irma, hills run red, naked runner, marriage on rocks, marat/sade towne cinema, casino royale-princess, drive in- (illegible- Harry, YOUNG rages?),,, old Showers Plant #1- public auction last night,,, ___ ___ ___ ___ TUESDAY, OCTOBER 3,1967::: MONON PASSENGER TRAIN NOW A THING OF THE PAST {took last run},,, narrow victory may mean long season {Referring to football???},,, DORM BEING BUILT FOR GRADS! To be completed about 8-15-68 {This became Eigenmann},,, speidel watchbands {back when watches were considered jewelry},,, IND. HIRE D(ark)? illegible,,, _____ ____ ___ ___ WEDNESDAY. OCT. 4::: PRP freshman class president candidate - marty higgins- G (illeg),,, RUSK TO SPEAK TUES> OCT> 31,,, Stokes win mayor nom. D.P. Cleveland,,, SILVER THROAT- bill cosby sings,,, Loftman's beads,,, John von kannon- Impact! district chairman,,, movies: the war game-von lee, defector-towne cinema, man for all seasons- princess theatre,,, ____ ____ ____ ___ ___ FRIDAY OCTOBER 6,1967::: STUDENT SENATE PASS BILL TO ELIMINATE ALL DISCRIMINATORY RULES FOR WOMEN (Women's hours),,, anti-draft union formed,,, NO theme for Homecoming th


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