NOTE: When I visited Bloomington, Indiana in the 1990's I knew that I would only be there a short time and I would NOT have access to the Bloomington weather records too long. I had been using the NY Times wether records of Louisville and Indianapolis figuring it would be between them. But I later found that CINCINNATI alonw was a much better thing to go by. Their weather was virtually the same as Bloomington'd except they get theirs a little later. So whenever Bloomington weather is not available ALWAYS use Cincinnati FIRST! OCTOBER 1, 1967:

OCTOBER 2, 1967:

OCTOBER 3, 1967:

OCTOBER 4, 1967:

OCTOBER 5, 1967:

OCTOBER 6, 1967:

OCTOBER 7, 1967:

OCTOBER 8, 1967:

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