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Parks House GRENADIERS... THIS CAN VANISH AT ANY MOMENT SO MAKE COPIES The Parks House SCRIBE... september 11, 1967... wright quadrangle...vol. IX no.1.....COLOR US GREEN Counselor's Comments by Dave Beale I want to welcome all of you freshman to Parks House. You are entering one of the best places to live on this campus. Most of the university, as you no doubt know by now, is an impersonal bureaucracy. The one place where all of you will have a chance to be known and to know others is the dormitory. If you give it a chance, Parks House can give you the feeling of belonging that nearly everyone needs. The men here have always been friendly and helpful. We try to eat together and discuss whatever is on our minds, which is most anything. You will meet interesting, intelligent people who can add greatly to your education. All you have to do is co-operate with your neighbors and participate in whatever interests you..... ..... .... ..... You may have heard rumors that I also act as a policeman. Well -- it is partly true. I don't like trying to catch people violating rules, but when someone becomes a disruptive in- (Continued on Page 3).... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... Governor's Gavel by James Stemler: May I be one of the first to welcome you to Indiana University and Parks House. Most of you are here for the first time and college life will present the greatest challenge of your life. We the officers of this house wish you the best of luck in your courses. Our job is to promote the conditions which will improve your grades and further your education. .... ..... ..... These are two separate goals-- they are not the same. We help to improve your grades through enforced quiet hours, a test file which rivals those of fraternities, and by the experienced upper classman who will make every effort to help you with classes when possible. To further your education we present programs which will add to your knowledge of the other disciplines besides the ones you will study in class. During the first and second semesters you will have the chance to eat dinner with many professors and lecturers of this college, many (Continued on Page 4).... ..... ..... ..... ..... .... .... .... ..... .... .... This page started on Fri. Oct. 30, 1998 at two p.m., my 49th birthday..... .... .... ... page 2 THE SCRIBE SEPTEMBER 11, 1967 ....The Parks House Scribe, written and published by the men od Parks House, was founded on the Eleventh of February, 1960. All rights are reserved. The Scribe Staff: Editor...Steve Harrison ... Editor Emeritus...robert Zsadanyi ...Sports Editor.....Barry Gangi.... Correspondent....Steve Sample.. Special Staff....Craig House... Ted Frick....Barry Curless... Circulation.....Joe Fiscel... House Officers: Governor.....Jim Stemler, Vice Governor....Terry Laymon, Sec-Treasurer....john Turack Athletic Miller resident Artist.....Chip Land Poet Laureate....Ken Riffle Resident Composer.....bob Zsadanyi Photograoher....Craig House EDITORIALS TEAM WORK The entire code of independent living is based on teamwork. In order for the Men of Parks to get the most out of their year here, it is very necessary that we all work together. Suppost the house, both athletically, academically and socially. Take an active part in the house activity that mosts interests you. If their is a phase of some program that you feel is not represented, sep out and let it be known. Keep in touch with your floor representative; he's your representative in the House Assembly. The variety of programs in Parks this year is probably the fineast offered in the past five years here.(new paragraph) House unity is of the greatest imporatnce. Each of you has a special field in which you have excelled, and it should be in this activity that you can help the house and get a great deal of personal satisfaction from participating. The returning upperclassmen have worked very hard in preparation for this year, planning out a very varied program that they hope will cover the likes of the majority of the freshmen. (paragraph) Parks House has always been one of the leading units in the Quad and this year should be no exception. But it's all up to the incoming fresmen to continue Parks along the fine traditions of the past. Let's all chip in and make OUR unit No.1 in the quad and No. 1 for you. Remember, you'll only get out of the huse what you make it and this year's potential is the greatest of the past five. Let's make this "Parks House Year." EDITOR'S STATEMENT The Parks House Scribe in now in its eighth year of existence and it boasts a tradition of excellence unsurpassed by any other unit newspaper on campus. Year after year the Scribe monopolizes top honors at the Quad awards banquet and it is distributed to and read by many student and faculty leaders at I.U. But the Scribe is not a campus newspaper; it is YOUR project. The entire paper is written, edited, and published by the Men of the House, and we are proud of it. The Scribe is your news media, and you are encouraged to use it frequently. In the past, the staff of the Scribe has followed a very liberal editorial policy, and this will be continued in the future; NO ARTICLES SUBMITTED FOR PUBLICATION WILL BE REJECTED. Each year, the staff of the Scribe strives not only to maintain the quality and freshness of the paper, but to improve it. (paragraph) If you have any suggestions or would like to help out with the publication of the Scribe in any way, feel free to contact me in room 314. (This was the end of page two). ... ... ...PAGE 3.. THE SCRIBE.. SEPTEMBER 11, 1967... BOB ZSDANYI: EDITOR EMERITUS.. (paragraph) Last Spring, Bob Zsadanyi picked up a softball for the first time in his life, papped it against the wall a few times, decided that he would like to play the game himself, and went out to lead the Parks House team to a successful season as our pitcher. Under the circumstances, this was a most remarkable accomplishment. (par) Even mor fantastic, though, were Bob's successes with the PARKS HOUSE SCRIBE. Just as in softball, Bob had never worked with a newspaper until he became editor of the SCRIBE. For one and a half years Bob served as the top man on the SCRIBE staff, giving the same care to each issue as one would give to an important paper for each of his classes. Under Bob's leadership, the staff of the paper nearly doubled, and the content of the articles and general appearance of the newspaper itself improved considerably. (par) As editor, Bob had the house artist design a new House Crest which appears on the front page of this issue. Also, Bob led the paper to two "Outstanding Quad Newspaper" Awards. (par) In light of his past services, and in anticipation of the help he will be giving to the SCRIBE in the future, it is with great appreciation that the 1967-68 SCRIBE staff officially confers Bob with the title of Editor Emeritus, with the publication of this issue (par) Bob is a senior, majoring in Geography, and he resides in Burlington, Ontario. ________________ OUR FACULTY ASSOCIATE Thomas F. Barton, Professor of Geography, joined the faculty in 1947. He spent two years in Thailand at the College of Ed- (Bottom of page) (Top of page) ucation of Thailand. Since 1950 he has been editor of the Journal Of Geography. He has written numerous articles on Education, Conservation, and Urban Development. (par) He has been with Parks House as Faculty Associate for a good number of years. The men of the house have always had the greatest respect for him. he (sic) is always concerned about the the house even though he is a very busy man. His name has appeared through the entire history of the SCRIBE and pictures and letters of his own are preserved in the scrapbook. (par) Parks is one of the very few houses in the Quad that has a faculty associate and the only one that has had so long standing a relationship. Last year the house realized what a great debt they owed Dr. Barton and on May 19, dedicated the Parks Lounge to him. It is now called the Dr. Thomas F. Barton Lounge. (par) The Dr., even though he is on sabatical this semester, will be down to visit us and talk to the men as usual. Such an act shows just how great a man he is. Be sure to get up and talk to him when he comes. _________ COUNSELOR'S COMMENTS (Cont'd.)... flence I have little choice but to take disciplinary action. As long as you show respect for the rights and welfare of others in the house, you will have no trouble from me. (par) I hope that all of you will act in the responsible, self-disciplined manner that has become a tradition in Parks House. I will assume that you are capable of taking care of yourselves. I hope that I am right. If so, I will be happier and you will have a far better chance of success in your college life. (END OF PAGE) (NOTE: When I tried to duplicate the spacings the page wouldnt hold it and closed them up so I used a few dots in a row to designate a space in between). PAGE 4..... THE SCRIBE..... SEPTEMBER 11, 1967..... ..... IN THE TROPHY CASE..... In the past, Parks has always been the leader in the Quad and this year, with your enthusiasm we plan to continue in this fine tradition. Some of the awards of the past six years are the following: {Note: These were in a vertical list on the page} Outstanding Unit 1961, Outstanding Unit 1962, Outstanding Unit 1963, Most Improved House 1960, Community Service Award 1961, Community Service Award 1967, Outstanding Governor 1961, All Sports Trophy (2nd) 1962, Track and Field (1st Ind.) 1966, Track and Field (3rd) 1966, Little 500 (8th) 1964, Homecoming (2nd Ind.) 1966, Homecoming (2nd Overall) 1966, Homecoming (1st Quad) 1966, Best Newspaper 1961, Best Newspaper 1963, Best Newspaper 1964, Best Newspaper 1965, Best Newspaper 1966, Best Newspaper 1967, ... A quick tour of the other unit lounges will quickly reveal that Parks leads in House spirit by a wide margin. Let's add a few more awards to the list this year. Outstanding Unit would be a nice start! ________________ GOVERNOR'S GAVEL (Cont'd) ....... of whom may be your own instructors. To start out, you will meet Dr. Barton, our faculty associate, this week. Campus groups, controversial and otherwise, will be invited to speak in our lounge. You will have the unique chance to really LEARN on you own. (par) For those of you who have lasted through my article to this point, I will now give you the facts (of life) about our social activities (viewed by many as the best part of the overall program -- of course all (bottom of page) (top of page) of you will prefer the academic program! ! ? ?). There will be tournaments on the quad and campus level in almost every sport imaginable. The House itself sponsers parties for specific occasions and often we get together in the lounge to listen to the championship fights or informal discussions. (par) Now, if you noticed, I have neglected the topic of--GIRLS. Don't ever think that I would forget them. We will start the semester with an exchang dinner either this week or next and I am sure that if you like them (girls) we will have exchange and date dinners as often as every two weeks. And if you can't make a hit with the girls, then there is no need to worry; because, Parks House has the great asset of Mike Stump--President of Wright Quad. He can fix you up with a date and I assure you that she will be a winner. (par) In closing, let me just say that this is a "Parks House Year". I have known this since last Spring. Within the next week I will have met all of you and you will know the "whys" and "hows" of this House government. I know all of you will want to attend the first House meeting of this semester to hear about everything we have planned. Above all, remember that this is your house and you will make it a success or failure. Officers can provide all the leadership in the world, but without the people to help us we are nothing. ______________ GRENADIERS HONORED AT BANQUET........ Last May, several Grenadiers were recognized for their outstanding achievements during the 1966-67 school year at the Parks House Awards Banquet. The ann- (Continued on page 6) END OF PAGE... PAGE 5... THE SCRIBE.... SEPTEMBER 11, 1967.... __________ ________ REUNION HELD IN LOUISVILLE.... Toward the end of May in Parks House when not occupied with too much worry over finals, many Grenadiers are talking about and making their summer plans, and by the end of August are wondering why those plans fell through. Several Parks House Men, however, had the initiative to finish one project that had been planned for several months: the Parks House reunion. (par) Steve ("Bo") Sample organized the affair, making arrangements for the party to stay at the Albert Pick motel in Louisville. Having mailed out several questionaires, sets of plans, and maps, Bo decided that July 28-31 was the best date for the event. He invited everyone in Parks House. (par) Joe Fiscel, Barry Gangi, Steve Harrison, Bob McCorkle, Hal Moore, Larry Rose, Jim Stemler, and Bo were the fun-seeking Grenadiers who invaded Louisville. ____ ____ _____ _____ Last Here: 1-5-99 tues

Parks House GRENADIERS The Parks House SCRIBE December 6, 1967 Wright Quadrangle Vol. IX NO. 4 SERENDIPITY ! (Note: The Scribe always has a blue shield in circle and the title is also in blue BUT this issue had "SERENDIPITY !" in red along with a huge red rose superimposed over the whole page) MOVE OVER GOVERNOR REAGAN By Steve Harrison Serendipity is "the gift of finding something valuable or agreeable things not sought for"; serendipity is Big Red, John Pont and Parks House, or anything else associated with I.U. Serendipity is a 9-1 record following a 1-8-1 season, it is beating Michigan State, Purdue, and ultimately will be ( although this is NOT unexpected by any Big Red fan) a victory over Southern Cal in the Rose Bowl; serendipity is fun -- it is the one word which people have been searching for to describe the Fightin' Hoosiers this season. (Serendipity would be anothre [sic] New York black out while Howard Cosell is reviewing a Big Red football game coast to coast). {paragraph} And Parks House is part of it all the way; we have followed the team to Michigan and Michigan State, and now many of us will have followed them from coast to coast. We are proud of the team and wish them the best of luck. WE WILL WIN. And when we return, serendipity may be passing finals. ... .... .... CELLIST TO PLAY WITH ORCHESTRA By Bob Zsadanyi ... Chris Henkel, a resident of the Third Floor of Parks, and an exchange student from Germany has recently won a great honor in placing first in the Indiana University School of Music's solo performer competition.In doing this, Chris had to top nine other of this nation's best young cellists including juniors and seniors ( Chris is a sophomore) He will play the solo of Dvorak's very beautiful and very characteristic " Cello Concerto" with the I.U. Symphony Orchestra at a date to be announced early in January (paragraph), Chris has performed most of his life and has made records with the Heilelburg Chamber Orchestra. He has also played over German radio. Among the concertos he has performed are the Haydn, Bocherinni(note: red ink obscured it here, Dvorak and Saint-Senns. He has studied at one time or another every major concerto for the instrument! (paragraph) Last summer he played the solo part in the Dvorak concerto at Interlochen, one of the best (Continued on page 3).... PAGE 2...THE SCRIBE... DECEMBER 6, 1967... The Parks House Scribe, written and published by the men of Parks House, was founded on the Eleventh of February, 1960. All rights are reserved. ... The SCRIBE Staff:... Editor...Steve Harrison Associate Editor...Arland Reinhard Editor Emeritus...Robert Zsadanyi Correspondents...Steve Sample..Jim Stemler..Larry Rose Special Staff...Graig (sic) House..Ted Frick..Terry Laymon Circulation...Joe Fiscel House Officers: Governor...Steve Harrison Vice-Governor...McClellon Cox Sec-Treasurer...Ernie Bott Social Chairman...Larry Rose Athletic Director...Rich Miller Resident Artist...Chip Land Poet Laurate...Ken Riffle Resident Composer... Bob Zsadanyi Resident Chub...Dave Swinney ____________ EDITORIALS (space) CHRISTMAS, XMAS, OR ? (space) Chistmas Day, 1967, should prove to be an unusual and exciting day for many. Four of the fellows from Parks House hope to be celebrating the holidays in Las Vegas on their way to the Rose Bowl. Many others will be on their way to Pasadena or enjoying the holiday with their families at home. (par) Each year christmas proves to be a little different and a little more exciting. And each year the commercial side of Christmas proves to be made more apparent. You can't even get the Thanksgiving turkey's carcass off the table before Santa Claus parachutes into the Sears & Roebuck parking lot! Christmas trees are delivered to the sales lots two weeks before actual sales begin. Toy counters overflow with merchandise that appeal to young and old alike.! In (End of column) (top of column) some places you can even "rent a Santa". Each year, our Christmas "want lists" get longer while our "needs" are actually fewer. Isn't Christmas terrific? It sure is wonderful to have one day of the year set aside to celebrate _______! (par) Gee whiz! We get so carried away with our ..last here 1-5-99 tuesday. 11-20-98.... ..... .... .... .... ..... ..... ..... .....under construction.... Thiursday 11-5-98