TIME TRANSLATIONS: In 1967 Indiana was always one hour off NYC time and I had to use the NY Times for this. Today, June 15, 2000, the numbers for sunrise and sunset are:

NEW YORK CITY: Sunrise: 522am EDT, Sunset: 831pm EDT, Moonrise: 722pm EDT, Moonset: 440am EDT,,,

BLOOMINGTON.: Sunrise: 617am EDT, Sunset: 915pm EDT, Moonrise: 810pm EDT, Moonset: 535 am EDT,

CHICAGO.. .........: Sunrise: 512am CDT, Sunset: 829pm CDT, Moonrise: 722pm CDT, Moonset: 433am CDT,

So Bloomington would have been:

BLOOMINGTONthen: Sunrise: 517am 67t, Sunset: 815pm 67t, Moonrise: 710pm 67t, Moonset: 435am 67t

SEPTEMBER 1, 1967:

SEPTEMBER 2, 1967:

SEPTEMBER 3, 1967:

SEPTEMBER 4, 1967:

SEPTEMBER 5, 1967:

SEPTEMBER 6, 1967:

SEPTEMBER 7, 1967:


SEPTEMBER 9, 1967:

SEPTEMBER 10, 1967:

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