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CHECK THE BOTTOM OF EVERY PAGE FOR LINKS!!! ... 8-3-05 .. PLEASE PASS THIS WEBSITE ADDRESS ON TO OTHERS.... When I find more information I will add other years. NOTE: I have NEVER made a cent off this. It is just for nostalgia..... I plan to first add the MAIN STREETS of each decade so that I eventually cover EVERY IU Grads nostalgia. walt karwicki 252 west cottage place york,pa 17403 at IU 1967-1973... If I could just find my 1967 Bloomington Directory I would add more now that I am no longer 'afraid' of this thing like I was in the 1990s. I have EVERY city directory from 1966 until 1995, plus a few before 1966 (such as 1940) I am a two finger typist. In my day Physics majors never had to learn to type. That was just for secretaries (female in those ancient times) 8-3-05 .. I made a diagram of the COLLEGE MALL once but I cant find it. I will keep looking.


NOTE: Thursday, August 4, 2005. 12:33 pm. York College library, York,Pa (Between Harrisburg and Baltimore line,,, Between Gettysburg and Lancaster. I was born and raised in Grrepoint, Brooklyn and Astoria Queens,,,,, I live at 252 west cottage place, york,pa 17403.. By comparing old newspapers with the stores in these city directories I learned that the people who checked what was where always seemed to have done it in the THIRD WEEK OF NOVEMBER each year. I noticed that a big "I" shaped piece of cardboard they gave us had a store on it that went under while not mentioning one that existed. That and the newspapers helped me learn the date they compiled this. NEW STUFF 1-6-99 wednesday 246pm _____1-5-99 _____

_____ _____1967 EAST KIRKWOOD AVENUE 1967: _____ _____ _____ :::(Starting at Walnut Street, Courthouse Square): 100 Three Sisters Clothing, 102 Music Center, 104 Bloomington National bank, 106 Star-Courier, Bloomcraft Central Printing, Atty office, 108 Eberle Hardware (& skirvin alterations, ringlette beauty shop, slender-eeze massage, Odd Fellows), 110, 112 Indiana Theatre (& cancer society), 114,116,118 Martha Washington Ice Cream And Candy Store,120 Ladyman's Cafe Dining room, 122 Ladyman's Cafe, 124 Bloomington Shoe Repair.

_______ Across street:______

101 Book Corner, (barber & Bty shop underground, have to look up),109 Osborne Jewelers, (Parking lot-I since found out that this is where the original Olde Regulator used to be), 121 Workingman's Federal Savings and Loan (& 5 dentists upstairs and 3 lawyers & New York Life Insurance)(One of these dentists in 1967 told me I'd have no teeth by age 30.)(The huge big "w" that revolved over Bloomington was removed in the 80s).(Just around the corner on N.Washington St. from Workingman's was the Bouquet Shop 109, and Sullivan's Men's Clothing 115. I recall Sullivan's always had big ads in the papers.)(Just around the corner from Bloomington Shoe Repair, which was still there when I visited in 1995, were two residences at 108 & 110. When I was last there one of them had rows of students in chairs giving blood)

______ Now across North Washington Street:_____

200 Bloomington National Savings and Loan, 202,204,206,208,210 Monroe County State Bank, 212,214,216,218,220,222 residence (George McDaniel) Across st.: 201, 203, 205 First Christian Church, 207, 209, 211, 213 Campbell House Club, 215, 217, 219, 221 Greene & Harrell Mortuary. (Monroe Cty Bank looked the same in 1995. The residence on the corner of Kirkwood and S.Lincoln was torn down a long time ago. Now a lot there. I recall getting lost while trying to retrace my steps due to the bldg being gone.

_____ (crossing South Lincoln Street)_____

300 Talbot Studio and physician (Talbot was actually 300 1/2), 302 vacant, 304 Ellis Floral, 306 two physicians, baxter & hrisomalus, 308, 310, 312, 314 Fee and Fee Insurance & Mutual Federal Savings and Loan, 316 Kirkwood Pharmacy (closed 1996), 318, 320, 322 Kirkwood Building ( physicians, bsmt-kirkwood bty salon, Universal World Travel, Alumni Service, Green Dental Lab, Copy and mail service, 201-Needle Niche, 202-Beechline Antiques, (also 203 &204), 205,6-Federal Deposit Insurance, 207-vacant,208-physician)

_____ (Now across street)._____

301 Iris Fabric, 303 residence, 305, 307 physician, 309 Packard Real Estate, 311 5 physicians, 313, 315 McCollum Typewriter, 317 Western Union, 319, 321 physician.( Iris Fabric, where many got that weird tiger skin fabric to hang on their walls was torn down for the new library back around 1969? Along with a couple of bldgs next to it. McCollum was still there until 1995 when it was torn down for library expansion. Western Union was where out of staters got money from home in 1967 in pre-bank machine days. I recall having to remember my dog's middle name to prove who I was. I believe it went down with McCollum).

_____ (across South Grant St.)_____

400 Trinity Episcopal Church (down s.grant from Trinity was 111 Rev Lloyd's home and 413 The Stork Shop), 402, 404, 406, 408 St. Margaret's Hall 410, 412, 414 Arbutus Apts. (6 apts), 416, 418, 420, 422 Boruff Dentist, Linnemeir Dentists (same blue white dentist bldg there in mid 90s with different bldgs around it), 424, 426 Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio, 428 Wyatt's Cafe, 430 Anice Davis Beauty Shop. (I recall that these were sort of rowhouses and that the "Greenbagger" place The Otherside was in the basement of one of them. They were demolished about 1971 and a lot was there for many months).

______(Go back to S.Grant- Across South Grant)._____

401 Beautiful Portraits by Hendrix( up n.grant from here was 102 phys., 104 phys, 106 Conard Insurance, 108 Lovie's Wig Shop, 110 res), 403, 405 The Pizzaria, 407 "Dog & Suds", 409, 411, 413, 415 Morse Typewriter Repair, 417 Billie's Casual & Sports wear (8 apts at 417 1/2), 419, 421 George G-O Pizza & Indiana Office Supply (421 1/2 Pocket Lounge {upstairs}), 423 Nick's English Hut, 425 Hazel's Studio & Baskin-Robbins 31 Ice Cream, 427 Economy Laundry and Dry Cleaners, 429 College Corner Haberdashery ( I believe Beautiful Portraits was torn down and became a lot , then became a Mexican food place, and is now something else)(The Pizzaria looks the same) Dog & Suds was my favorite place, it was the "L" shaped bldg with the parking lot out front. It was demolished for tiny wooden bldgs)(When I was at Hazel's Studio in 1992? or was it 94? I could not believe how old the owners were. And their shop never changed.)

______(crossing south Dunn)_____

500 Redwood and Ross, 502 Roth's Smart Apparel, 504, 506 Spudnut Shop, 508, 510, 512 Oxford Shop, Men's Clothing, 514, 516, 518, 520, 522 The Book Nook, 524, 526 (the side of Block's College Shop for women)( Spudnuts has been a lot for many years.)(Redwood & ross and Roth's are now a bar)(The Oxford Shop in a pizza place (1995). All three were upper-class in 1967)( The Book Nook was divided into two food places when I returned in 1991 and it was razed when I was there during the night of Dec. 7, 1994. Pearl Harbor Day. It was all yellow bricks).

_____ Now back to N. Dunn and across:_____

501 Sunshine Cleaners, 503 Little Italy and the College Shoe Repair shop, 505 House of Porter Photog., 507 Wiles Photo & Nickas Optom., 509 residence, 511 Ritz Barber Shop, 513, 515, 517 Von Lee Theatre, (Beyond this is the parking lot). (Well, the corner of kirkwood and N.Dunn was destroyed by arson during Christmas vacation one year because it housed all the radical groups upstairs. I dont think they caught them. I forget if it was 1968 or 69. It then became People's Park. I know Sunshine Cleaners went but I dont know how far up the fire went.

_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ ______


106 Nathan Hale's (still looked the same inside in 1992, even had the same little wooden cash register desk)(razed with BookNook), 108, 110 Varsity Pharmacy, Varsity Barber, 110 1/2 Campus Studios, ALLEY, 114 The Gables, 116 Curry's Books, then two residences.

_____ Then south across 4th street._____

Then 200, 202 res, 204 res, 206, 208 IU School of Letters, 210, 212 Campus Barber & res., 214 Pepe's Restaurant, ( I dont recall Pepe's, or Campus Barber or IU School of Letters. There is no longer a Curry's anywhere, The owners of the Gables I heard died in a plane crash in the 70s. Then the place was gutted and all the nostalgia lost. Then it became a weird multi-level Pizza Place (like 3-d chess). NOTE: I never learned to type. I was in Astrophysics. Under construction. Not edited. Not proofread. Not paid to do this..... 11-16-98 tuesday

_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ 1967 NORTH WALNUT STREET _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ 1967 NORTH WALNUT STREET 1967: _____ _____

100 the book corner, 102 sully's old oaken bucket, 104 smith's shoe store, 106 whiteside's men's clothing, 110 frisch's big boy, 110 1/2 kentucky central insurance, selective service (note: yet when I signed up on 10-30-67 it was across the street upstairs from the burger chef on 7th), 112 wiles drug, 114 williams jewelry, 116 southern sporting goods, (knights of pythias bldg), 118 wylie furniture, 120 the vogue, 122 r&s boot shop, 124 neumode shops (west 6th st), 200 university sporting goods, 202 times credit jewelers, 204 j.sweet ltd, clothing, 206 princess theatre, 208 faris meat market, 210 monroe all-channel cable vision, 212 bob's hobby shop, 214 electric shaver center, 216 stardust cafe, 220 grigsby & mcadams barber shop, 222 burgher's grill, 224 christian science, 226 towne cinema, 228 yankee peddler gift shop (back and across street) 213 schmalz dept. store, 215 mcdaniel furniture, 217 1/2 schmalz stge, 219 1/2 residence, 221 western auto association, ( seventh street) 300 municipal parking lot, 312 physicians office and residence, 314 rone music, 314 1/2 res., 320 doyles std service gas station,

______ (back to 7th, other side);_____

(Burger Chef on corner not listed, perhaps had 7th st address), 315 indiana gas and water, 319 ye olde regulator, 321 turner's marathon gas station (Note that it and doyles right across one way st from one another) (8th street), 400 elks club, 422 nicholsons d-x serv station (9th)

_____ back across st and back to 8th:_____

403 topolgus, physician, 303 1/2 poolitsan, 425 welcome wagon (9th st), 502 vacant, 508 vacant, 520 two optometrists, research med. insurance co., bea june finishing school, 528 architects, real estate, ind.stock, may, 532 res (torphy), 10th st,

______ back to 9th other side, _____

501 dougs one hour martinizing, 517 res., 525 buck lemon warehouse, greyhound on the corner of n.walnut and w.10th sits on 533,535

____ (TENTH STREET),____

600 nicholsons shell station, 612 res, 644 res (at east cottage grove ave which is only on this side of street),

_____ (back to 10th, other side),_____

601 thrift-t-wash coin laundry, 609 res, 615 bloomington re-weave and repair shop + res., 621 dieterle accts, northwestern insur, 625 res, 631 res, 649 allen's roto-lite restaurant, 651 amer.united life insur, bill brown agency, 703 jack manuel real estate (11th st) across at 700 between east cottage grove and 11th st also a residence.

_____ (ELEVENTH STREET)_____

800 res, 802 res, 804 res., 810 res (in here would have been 12th and 13 th but have the railroad tracks overhead) 920 sinclair refining (at corner of 14th street)

______ (now back and across)_____

807 res, 809 ryans barber shop, 811 maners insurance agency+ sieco archts, 813 res, railroad area, 913 redenbaughs decorating and upholstering, 917 youngs marathon service


1004 murphy oil, 1006 the garret antiques, 1008 groves restaurant, (nothing listed until 15th st), Back and across. At corner of north walnut and 14th is where burger king should be but no listing. Not on 14th either. Perhaps not opened until 1968?? 8-4-05: There was no Burger King there in 1967-1968. It was when I came back in Sept 1968, moved from Wright Quad, Parks House to Briscoe 1017b that I then was taken west from Briscoe to Burger King to eat on Sundays. I do not recall them building Burger King at all. BUT I never went north on Walnut Street in 67.68. SEE my notes on the bottom of this page. 1007 res., 1011 vacant, 1021 baynes harley davidson & genevas beauty shop (a strange combo) FIFTEENTH STREET._____

1100 axsoms sunoco 1120 res (on corner of e16th which is only on one side) 1200 2 res., 1202 res, way up: 1300 stony crest motel & residences.

_____(back to 15th and across)_____

1101 servicemaster rug cleaner, 1111 tom lemon real estate + ruff physician (the tom lemon who ran for mayor in 1967? ) 1115 res, 1117 res, no 16th on this side, 1201 res., 1205 jim and daves cafe, way up: 1301 cornwell standard service gas, 1327 hanson motor co.,


(I think streets are bending towards each other here- hey, im in east penna., what can i see?) 1400 fillmore motor lodge, 1402 walts sinclair service, 1420 res, 1420 1/2 res, 1500 res, 1600 vacant, 1610 res, (Nineteenth on this side only)(nothing across, must be where the huge traffic island park is)


1722 howard johnsons, 1820 two res, NOW BEYOND THE PALE, HERE IT SAYS: MATLOCK DRIVE: 1910 res, 1960 res, 2040 res, 2060 res, 2110 dans phillips 66 service statio and sunnyside trailer & 4 res., 2130 res, 2200 bloom. mobil homes,NOW WAY UP: BOTH SIDES 2205 dairy queen #2, 2300 mcdonald's and pygmy putt golf, 2313 don's northside gulf serv stat, 2315 res, 2320 northside auto trim shop, 2330 united parcel service, 2401 superior lumber. That Ends It... ..11-17-98 tues 301 pm... ..... 10-28 ... ...under construction.....

_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ 1967 NORTH COLLEGE AVENUE 1967:

______ ______ 101 kresge 5&10, 105 neuwelt's fabric, 107 lord's, 107 1/2 hacker barber, regent bty salon, 109 jupiter 5&10, 115 jc penney 5&10, 121 fw woolworth 5&10,

_____ WEST 6TH STREET, _____

201 stoutes pharmacy, 205 indiana motor inn (contained stouts, equitable life, rotary club and the lamplighter), (I think the lamplighter was in the bsmt and there later was another rest. on ist floor), 211 vacant, 221 wicks co., 223 skinners cafe, 225 college ave barber shop,227 bills auto stores, Note: Weren't there shops across from The Indiana Motor Inn? Theres no listing. Either they were vacant and not listed as such or they weren't shops then)(across for bills auto stores was the side of the old federal bldg),

_____ WEST 7th STREET,_____

301 downtown mobil, 309 wicks co., 319 benavole lincoln-mercury, 326 3 apts,______

Now across st. and back:_____

314 4 apts, 316 4 apts, 318 b.branam insurance., 318 1/2 res, 320 res, 320 1/2 res, 322 res, 322 1/2 res, 324 res, 324 1/2 res,

_____ WEST 8th STREET,_____

401 benavole lincoln-mercury used cars, 411 college laundry & res, 415 tarzian sarkes semi-cond., 423 4 apts, 427 res

,_____ Now back across st._____

; 402 A&P food store, Nothing else listed until w9th WEST 9th STREET, 509 downtown motel, 511 loudon apts (4), 519 res, 525 farmer heating and air condit., 531 mcclary and son tire dealers, now across st, 500 barnard motors used trucks, 508 4 apts, nothing else listed but way up at corner was waffle house across from little tire dealer

_____ WEST 10th STREET,_____

601 A&W 621 2 res, 629 res, 629 1/2 vac, 633 no return, 639 russian orthodox church, 645 5 apts, across and back to w10th, 602 dentist, 608 res, 614 res, 620 2 res, 626 3 res., 632 2 res (one is named f. swarthout), 642 republican hq,

_____ WEST 11th STREET,_____

701 nickless marathon gas station, 717 res, 723 res, 12th and 13th don't come thru due to tracks, 801 res, 815 vacant, 819 no return, 911 res, 923 2 vacant

,_____ now back, across street, _____

702 curry buick-cadillac used cars, 706 brinegar insur agency, & res, 708 res, 710 international sportwear, 802 vacant, 804 res, 812 state farm insur, 820 res, 826 icrr rr yard office, 910 res, 916 res, Note the tracks appear to cut the 800s from the 900s, but only you in Bloom can check that.

_____ WEST 14 th STREET (if you stood on this corner today you should see Burger King to your right across street). 1001 carters gulf & foreign car service, 1015 vac, 1017 chiropracter, across and back, 1000 (nothing there, but soon b.king lot), 1014 res, 1016 res, 1022 res

_____ WEST 15TH STREET,_____

1101 hannum tv sales and service, 1109 dentist, 1115 no return, 1117 bloomington letter shop & nurse & res, w16th doesn't reach here, 1201 myers d-x serv stat, 1217 small world kindergarten & nurs school, across and back to 15th , 1100 bloomington realty, 1110 blairs northcrest package liquor store, 1110 1/2 res, 1112 res, 1114 mutual trust life insur, 1116 res, 1200 bower plumber, 1218 6 apts, 1300 gateway sign co., 1310 fran's cocktail lounge, 1320 davis bros furniture,

_____ WEST 17TH STREET,_____

1401 2 lawyers, 1405 daves clark super 100 gas station, 1700 coin car wah, 1711 value plus family pharmacy, hatches iga foodliner, 1800 frisches big boy, 1919 big wheel rest., 1945 cascade village apts- 28, city limits,,,, _____ _____ _____ DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY PHOTOS OF ANY OF THESE PLACES??? ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS GET A FREE TRIPOD WEBPAGE LIKE THIS AND THERE ARE PEOPLE ON THE NET WHO SCAN THEM ON FOR YOU> I FOUND ONE GUY WHO DOES IT FOR ONE DOLLAR APIECE.... _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ ______ 1967 Let's say you're standing in front of Three Sisters Clothing in Fall 1967 and decided to walk around the square, here is what you'd see: tovey shoes, merit shoe, bloomington hardware, diana shops, thrift dollar, val-u-dress, kahn clothing, cofield-walgreen drugs, schiff's shoes first national bank, cross college ave, bank?,_____ cross w 5th,_____ kresge 5/10 (to left of it on w5th were nichols barber, dixon watchmaker, sportmen's tavern), neuwelt's fabric, lord's, jupiter 5/10, jc penney 5/10. fw woolworth 5/10, across w.6th, stoute's pharmacy in Indiana motor inn (to left of stoute's were a lot behind it the cabs used {it's now a concrete park},davis & walker barber, campus cab, hays cafe),_____ then across,_____ aldens, wicks dept store, buck lemon furniture, bloomington paint and wallpaper, alden's dept store, neumode shops, betty jean's (just went out of business in 1997), across n.walnut, university sporting goods, across e.6th, neumode, r&s boot shop, the vogue, wylie furniture, southern sporting goods, williams jewelry,alley, frisches big boy, whitesides men's clothing, smith's shoe store, sully's oaken bucket (with the bucket dangling above), the book corner (with the magazine foyer, now gone),______ cross kirkwood to three sisters.______...11-18... The courthouse 100 west kirkwood was gutted out some years ago.Now only the shell remains. .... ...

_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ ____ _____ ______1967 EAST FOURTH STREET: 1967______ _______

101 ( side of interstate finance, corner of s.walnut and e.4th)(used to be a public phone here I used across the street from the donut shop), 115 municipal parking lot, nothing else listed until s.washington st., back to s.walnut and cross: 100 nothing listed (but in 1967 the Tote House (?) opened here in what was obviously formerly a small gas station bldg. It had many ads in the papers and a big one in the phone book. Then it became a donut shop)(perhaps the directory came out between the switch), 110 4 apts, 114 bynum supply & 2 res, nothing until SOUTH WASHINGTON STREET, nothing until 219 wesley foundation, then st, back and across from s.wash: 206 us post office, then nothing listed until SOUTH LINCOLN STREET,_____

309 church of christ sunday school (lincoln st church of christ is around corner on, 315 res, 315 1/2 res, 321 res, s.grant, back and across: 304 res, 316 vacant, 322 equitable life assurance & mills real estate & 3 apts, SOUTH GRANT STREET, 401 phys, 403 dent., 405 phys, 409 phys, 411 phys, 413 ruth kent bty salon, 415 res, 421 4 apts, 423 res, 425 res,

_____ back and across to other side:_____

402 res, 404 res (name: edmondson),404 1/2 res, 408 res, 410 res, 412 5 apts, 416 res, 420 res, 424 res, 430 res,


503 roman holiday bty salon & res, 509 res, 515 grant realty & 7 apts, 521 IU real estate office, indiana ave, back and across: 502 vacant, 508 4 apts, 512 res, 518 res, after about 526/527 comes SOUTH INDIANA._____.Across is the campus... (Note: fourth street must have been rezoned as it has many, many shops now) ... 11-18-98---

_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ ______ _____ 1967 EAST THIRD STREET:1967 _____ _____

starting at south walnut: nothing until 119 at s.washington Bloomington drive-in, back and across, 108 walter roll insurance agency, 112 modern cleaners and shirt launderers ,112 1/2 double N bty salon, + acc.insur., 116 lee's downtown gulf service,


201 nothing between s.washington and,

_____ other side of street:_____

200 roger curry insurance, 202 hughes lwyr, 204 city parking lot, 220 MUNICIPAL BLDG mayor, controller, engineers, parks, water and sewer, utilities, streets, sanitation. also amer. red cross., Then "3rd street park",______ SOUTH LINCOLN STREET,_____ 305 STRONG'S indiana liquor, 307 dent, 309 res, 313 Penn kitchens (cabinets), 317 vac, 319 vac, 321 vac, 325 don's sunroom bty salon, s.grant, back and across: 300 NEW HOME LAUNDRY (still there on corner with huge red alarm bell on side), 312 harry stephen's realty, 314 jerry gates real estate, 318-322 "hilliard lyon's & co stock brok, northwestern, woodward insur.


401 nothing to s.kirby. 400 Professional center= 7 offices, SOUTH KIRBY STREET, 403 starks photo studio, 409 state life insur, bruce terminex,, ny life, owen's realty, 421 IU student catholic center,s.dunn, back and across: 402 (yes, that's how the numbers go) nothing to 420 vacant, 426 skirvin real estate, SOUTH DUNN STREET, 509 bryan realty, 527 headley standard service on corner of s.indiana.

______ back and across:______

nothing from s.dunn until henderson st(campus across street) (which it says on that side instead of indiana st.)IM STOPPING THIS PART OF THIRD HERE AT THE CAMPUS LINE. Obviously it goes on forever past the mall later. __________ ________ This was made in the 1990s by walt karwicki 252 west cottage place york,pa 17403 ___________ _________ DOES ANyONE HAVE THE MAPS OF THE MALL IN 1967 OR OF THE STUDENT UNION BUILDING IN 1967??????


_ august 4, 2005 thursday ____ 1-6-99

_____ _____ _____ _____ 1967 SOUTH WALNUT STREET 1967 _____ _____ ____

101 charm room bty shop, 103 1/2 halliway bty salon, 105 sparks, barber, 107 bonnet shop, 109 victor settle jewelers, 111 taylors coffee cup, 113 h&h realty, 115 vacant, 117 blank,(probably part of 115), 119 advance service center appliance, 121 letsinger morrow realtos, interstae finance of ind (west 4th street)(now back, other side), 104 hamm & wampler, barber, 106 brown insurance, 108 no return, 110 hoadley lwyr, 116 county jail, 122 city hall

______ _____ ( WEST/EAST FOURTH STREET)_____ _____

201 (nothing is listed at 201 but this was the corner that had the old gas station converted into the Tote Kitchen and then the donut shop), 205 harlos bldg ( abc insur, app&dix lwyrs, sherwin-williams paint, fam.conseling, girl scts, mental health, fireside offices, united fund), 205 pigalle cafe, 219 firestone tires, (west 3rd st)(back), 200 (nothing all the way down to 214. Theres a city garage here now), 214 fireside restaurant, 216 natalies farmaers market, 222 us auto supply,

_____ _____ (WEST/EAST THIRD STREET)_____ _____

301 sturgis shell , 311 stewarts speed & sport sls&serv motorcyc, 225 SCOTTYS HAMBURGERS, 337 no return, 349 beesons appliance, consumer accept corp, franklin finance, hoosier aquisitor (land), kirby vacuum, snelling&snelling, (east smith street)(now back), 304 o'daniel body shop, 308 vacant, 314 IU CAB (but i recall all 3 on 6th st?!) & avis, monroe cty sub. patrol (?), around the clock answ serv, 328 arco motors,parts, 338 indian loan co/ indian finance corp, 340 vacant, 342 superior cleaners, 344 state dept of revenue, 346 ellis real estate, 350 price electric contractors,

_____ _____ WEST/EAST SMITH STREET _____ _____

401 PENGUIN CUSTARD, 403 county license bur, 405 lefferson radio&tv, 405 1/2 penguin motel, 409 johnson motors, 425 state emplym security, 429 res, 435 qualified used cars, (east second street)(back) 400 3 res, 406 price electric (whse), 408 credit bureau of monroe cty, 412 corbin plumb & heat, 112 1/2 vac, 414 daves bike shop, 418 dentist, 418 1/2 western & southern life insur, 424 joseph's restaurant, 432 res, 434 boxman's carry-out foods, 442 pennington marathon gas station, "central jhs side entrance",


_____ _____ 501 pauls phillips 66, 515 hale furniture, 523 residence, 525 parkway restaurant, 527 res, 529 res, 535 county civil defense WTTS radio, 541 usaf recruiters, (east first st)(back), 500 (Nothing at all is listed on whole block. Fleeners gulf station is on the corner of s.walnut and w 3rd and next to it on w3rd it says 101 Central JHS. On far end of block around from s.walnut and w1st it says 'central jhs athletic field and theres a standard oil co next to it at 229 w1st)

_____ _____ WEST/EAST FIRST STREET _____ _____

601 CRESCENT DONUT SHOP, 609 res, 613 res, 619 res, 625 res, (wylie)(back) 600 fox's mobil, 616 res, 620 buntin plumb & heat, 624 hangers book sales,

_____ _____ WEST/EAST WYLIE _____ _____

701 richards auto sales, 709 acct/res, 713 res, 725 res, 729 SOUTH WALNUT ECONOMATIC LAUNDRY, (east dodds)(back) 700 cron paint & glass, 702 res, 750 res, 752 alert answer serv/ 4 apts, 754 res, 756 the flower bowl,

_____ _____ WEST/EAST DODDS_____ _____

801 res, 807 sparks used cars, 821 deckards std serv (dixie)(back), 802 inmans sunoco, 814 bush motor sales,

_____ _____ DIXIE _____ _____

907 meadows used cars, 919 vacant,(allen)(back), 900 bloom. limestone corp, 920 bensons cafe, 924 res, 928 bb&l oil/ res

_____ _____ ALLEN_____ _____

1023 mainway one hour martinizing, 1025 century finance corp, giibs&doty real est, croy barber, gettig engines, scotts tailors, (davis)(back), 1000 o'daniel used cars, 1006 trimble bros auto sales, 1010 meadows used cars, 1014 bill hall electronic spplies,

_____ _____ DAVIS _____ _____

1109 bicycle mart, 1115 jiffy wash (cars), (grimes)(back), 1106 ten-ten package liquors, 1108 jack the fixer, household appliance rep, 1116 clark super 100 serv stat,

_____ _____ GRIMES _____ _____

1201 coster insur/ state farm insur, 1225 southside radiator shop, (driscoll)(back), 1200 walnut st christ. church, 1208 bonanza motors,used, 1210 coin-o-wash

_____ _____ DRISCOLL _____ _____

1300 southside market

_____ ____ WILSON ____ _____

1417 harris telev rep, 1425 wampler gas stat (hillside)(back), 1412 south walnut sheet metal works

_____ _____ HILLSIDE ____ _____

1500 southside cafe, 1502 sextons market, 1504 higgins barber, 1508 rear-sciscoes watch repair

_____ _____ SOUTHERN _____ _____

1604 university auto sales,

_____ _____ VERMIYA _____ _____

1701 party ice mfrs, 1715 rush lumber & wrecking, (monon rr)(back) 1626 (!) honeycutt & coopers phillips station (no idea why 1626 number with others),

_____ _____ MONON RR CROSSING_____ _____

1717 monroe motors, 1805 stansifers radio elect sup, (city limits/ miller drive) (back) 1720 precious plating co, 1724 A & W DRIVE-IN, sims motor transport, 1726 cc propane fuel corp, 1820 mitchell art studio/ mitchell signs, 1822 webbs zephyr serv station, rear- hoadley stone dlrs,

_____ _____ CITY LIMITS/ MILLER DRIVE_____

_____ (note: I thought a&w was on other side of tracks),,, 1901 SOUTHGATE SHOPPING CENTER: bloom newspapers, daily herald-telephone, sunday herald-times, 1901 united oil gas stat, 1903 southgate laundromat, 1905 southgate do-it-yourself dry cleaning, 1907 gen. finance loan, 1909 la veras bty salon, 1911 HOOK DRUG, 1915 marsh supermarkets,,, 1965- bloom high school (walnut st pike) (back) 1904 a-1 liquor store, 1906 heards tex inn restaurant, 1960 burkhart floor covering, 1962 vacant, 2000 dair castle of bloomington ice cream

_____ _____ WALNUT STREET PIKE _____

_____ 2100 hayes used cars, 2110 wilburs body shop, 2130 gib & denzils restaurant,,,,,,, 2375 bloom. sale barn/ livestock, 2385 res, 2395 res, 2425 hertz rent-a-car/ noble king motor sales- used cars, 2410 res,,, end of civilization (note: i left out the residences between Dodds and the walnut st pike. Boring.) Done wed 1-6-99 1233pm

_____ _____ _____ ______ _____ _____ 1940 _____ 1940 ______ 1940 ______ _____ A WALK AROUND THE COURTHOUSE SQUARE IN 1940. NOTE HOW MANY THINGS WERE STILL AROUND IN 1967!!! ___ ___ -__ _____ _____ _____ _____

North College Avenue starting at West Kirkwood: 101 Kreske 5&10 Bldg (also had Times-Credit Jewelers) 105 Hooks drugs (upstairs Dem. HQ + Estelle Bty Salon), 107 Eagle Inc., men's wear,109 KRESKE 5&10 Store, 113 Cohen Co. Shoe, 115 JC PENNEY 5&10, 119 Kroger Grocery, 123 Woolworth's 5&10, 127 Curry Buick Used Cars (How was that squeezed in there??), cross 6th, GRAHAM HOTEL Bldg (contained Stoute's Pharm & Bloom Hat Shop. Western Union is listed as 107 and Home Loan and Finance at 109 but I don't know if these were inside the main bldg or outside), crossing North College, West 6th St.: 122 Breeden Dept Store, 120 Bloom. Paint & Wallpaper, 114-118 WICKS Dept Store, 112 Rendevous Cfe, 110 Coney Island Cafe, 108 Martins Cigar, 106 Kerr Optical and Dixie Liquors, 104 McDaniel Furniture, 102 Bloomington Abstract, 100 Dixie Fruit Market, crossing North Walnut, 200 n.Walnut-on corner was Burns Grocery, crossing east 6th, North Walnut St: 124 Hall Electric, 122 R+S Boot Shop, to be continued as I get info

_____ _____ ____ _____


2812 East 3rd street College Mall Shopping Center:

butler shoes, danner's five & ten, goodman jewelers, jo ann fabric shop, king's shop, kinney shoes, moore's stores auto sup, regal shoes, sears roebuck and co, three sisters women's clo, standard stores gro, tom's hall of cards and gifts, walker's standard service gas sta, wible & adams men's clo, wasson h p & co (br) dept store, 2882 the safari luggage, 2883 vance's music (Notice the problem with a mall. No individual addresses for all the stores so they put them alphabetically instead of in order).

WALT KARWICKI 252 west cottage place york,pa 17403

THURSDAY AUGUST 4, 2005::: In the 9/67 to 6/68 period I NEVER walked all the way up North Walnut Street. Neither di I walk to many other places in Bloomington as I nervous about doing so. It was the HIPPIE era and the STONIES tended to hate COLLEGE STUDENTS in history. I walked down KIRKWOOD as far as COLLEGE AVENUE and around the SQUARE. BUT I did NOT walk one bit west of Kirkwood/College. The supermaket that could be seen down the hill across the tracks was for STONIES. I also NEVER in 1967 walked north on WALNUT beyond the BURGER CHEF next to THE OLDE REGULATOR. I never walked up WALNUT on the WEST SIDE of Walnut street for that one block between the COURTHOUSE SQUARE and the BURGER CHEF, There was THE STONY BAR ON THAT BLOCK and we walked on the other side of the street where the MOVIE HOUSES were. In 67-68 I did not even walk one block south of KIRKWOOD on South Walnut or South College. When I arrived at IU I came down from Indianapolis on the Greyhound and I got off there and took a cab to campus. I thought nothing of walking from campus to 10th street to the GREYHOUND and A&W ROOTBEER as that street was a STUDENT street. But I never walked from 10th street to 7th street on North walnut as that was stony territory. There was a CLEANERS in there but the only time I was ever there was with some rich kid who had a car and he would leave his laundry there and pick it up. So that was the ONLY time I had set foot there and it was a bright afternoon in early 1968 and we stepped from the car to the CLEANERS( "MARTINIZING". I also never went west from North Walnut Street east from that area between 7th and 10th until 1995!!!! And then I saw there had been an Elementary School back there. I also never walked up either North Walnut or North College from 10th steet (Greyhound, Waffle House, A&W). I know that there was a restarant on North Walnut in there (Some kind of DRIVE IN) but I never actually saw it. I did not ever walk up that street from 10th until the 1990s. So I never did walk up North Walnut 9/67-6/68 so I could never see BURGER KING being built up there. ... It was not until 1972!! that I ever walked down SOUTH WALNUT to the A&W. I recall us walking and it seemed so far as we had never done it before. We then got coffee and then walked back. (Maybe it was early 1972??) . What was happening was that the STONIES were being slowly pushed back by the COLLEGE STUDENTS. More students came in and the college expanded. The rules about HAVING to live in dorms and CURFEWS were being pushed away in 1966, 1967, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73. More cars were allowed. More student loans were appearing. "EN LOCAL PARENTIS" (sp?) was dying so kids couls move out. I recall being shocked when a girl told me that "HER" supermarket was a block SOUTH on South College Avenue.(1972?) That was pure Stony before! Next to that supermaket was a "drug store' which was much, much more like a HILLBILLY GENERAL STORE. What was weird was that I was able to but my HIGH SPEED EZ-MATIC FILM there for my Yascica and that film was so rare I had a hard time finging it in NEW YORK CITY yet this place had it all the time. (Among all the rifles and knives and other stony stuff. I never dared go into it until the Supermarket had STUDENTS in it. August 4, 2005. ... but I do recall going into the A&P Supermarket on North College once. Maybe even in 67 or 68. In bright daylight though when the TOWNIES were at work in the early afternoon, I think.

If you recall what any now-defunct thing looked like, inside or outside, please tell us all on the MESSAGE BOARD!!!

What really drove me nuts in 1991, 92, 94,95 was tring to find a corner store my friend and I walked past on the way back up from the far-south A&W. There was a townie neighborhood WEST of SOUTH WALNUT, SOUTH of WEST KIRKWOOD. It had OLD sidewalks and was very cozy. There were leaves everywhere and there was a tiny GROCERY whose entrance right on the corner. My fried made acomment about how unusual it was as was the block itself as it was so quiet and peacefull. I was NEVER able to find the place. Even with copies of the CITY DIRECTORIES of the early 1970s when we were there. I could not find anything that looked anything like it after spending a long time looking for it all four trips there. I wonder now if the whole area was gutted and changed or something. I also wonder if it was where the HOSPITAL is now???!!!

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