Are You Dead Yet??

In 1967 those of us males who were 18-21 ( I didnt become 18 until Oct 30,1967 at Parks. thanks for the loan of the dress clothes that day) were expected to live 52.0 - 49.3 more years. That means to 70.0 - 70.3 (funny how the older guys got 00.3 years more). That means until 2020 A.D. That gives us 21 more years to live by 1967 figures. In 1967 the death rate per 1000 white males age 18-21 was 1.5/year. There were over 60 of us in Prks House. The chart shows increases by age . At 50 (about where we are now) its 9/1000. Going through it one year of age at a time it says that deaths from 1967 to 1998 would be 1.4 + 1.5+ 1.6+1.6+ 1.7+ 1.8+1.8+ 1.7+ 1.6+1.6+ 1.5+1.5_ 1.6+1.6+ 1.7+ 1.8+ 1.9+ 2.0+2.2+ 2.3+ 2.6+ 2.8+ 3.0+ 3.3+ 3.7+ 4.1+ 4.5+ 5.0+ 5.5+ 6.0+ 6.7+ 7.5 = 89.2/1000 = 8.92/100 = 5.352/60. So that means that FIVE OF US ARE NOW DEAD!!! (Tontin, anyone? ) Which 5 ??? Which of the five of us who got together in the lounge to plan the hayride or pose for the photo or ate together in the lunchroom or worked on the floats in 1967 is dead now?? Please contact me if you are one of them. Well, no, don't. I just turned 49 on Oct. 30, 1998. At age 50 we will die off at 9.3/1000 or 1/100 or almost one of us every two years. So you guys better start getting nostalgic NOW and not after the guys you want to contact again are dead. In two years one more of us should be dead. At age 55 it'll be 13.7/1000= 1.37/100 = .822/60 or almost one every year. At age 60 it'll be 22.8/1000= 2.28/100= 1.368/60 or above once a year...However, medical advances are probably further along than predicted in 1967 so we MAY be able to live more years- in a 'home' or on life support. (until the new generation gets the spits of all us worthless ancient baby boomers around driving into bank windows with our turn signals on as we get more senile and bring in euthanasia.).... .... 11-30-98, the 17th anniversary of the death of my mother. I went back, used my calclator, and did it more precisely. So it went Age 17/18 1967: 60.00, age 18/19 1968 59.910, age 19/20 1969 59.814, age 20/21 1970 59.718 and so on. So here are what the numbers became: 1967-60, 1978-59, 1987-58, 1992-57, 1995-56, 1998-55 (notice how one a decade in 1970s and 1980s and then suddenly TRIPLED in the 1990s), 2000-54, 2002-53, 2003-52, 2004-51, 2005-50, 2006-49, 2007-48, 2008-47, 2009-46, 2010-45, 2011-43!, 2012-41, 2013-40, 2014-38, 2015-36, 2016-34, 2017-31!, 2018-28, 2019-26, 2020-23, 2021-19!, 2022-16, 2023-12, 2024-8, 2025-4, 2026-0 (But I think a few of us will now make it past 76). 1960s-0, 1970s-1, 1980s-1, 1990s-3, 2000s-9, 2010s-20, 2020s- 26+.... .... 1966 INCOMES: 20.4%- $10,000/$14,000,,, 15.1%- $8,000/$9,999,,, 9.4%- 6000/6999,,,9.3%- 7000/7999,,, 8.4%- $5,000/$5,999,,,7.1%- 4000/4999,,, 6.8%-- 3000/3999,,, OVER $15,000-9.2%,,, Minimum wage $1.40,,,coffee 10c/cup,,,comic books 15c,,,candy bars 5c/10c,,,, 1968 Almanac: "The MEDIAN income increased from $6,957 to $7,436, a 7% jump from 1965 to 1966 and a 55% increase over 1956. Prices also rose however meaning that the income in purchasing power was only 4% . THE MEDIAN INCOME IS THE EXACT MIDDLE INCOME, for the 48.9 million american families. That is, HALF are ABOVE and half are BELOW that amount. (NOTE: AND IN 1967 THAT WAS USUALLY A ONE-MAN INCOME AS ONLY THE MAN USUALLY WORKED)( A MEDIAN IS MUCH MORE HONEST THAN AN AVERAGE: If you have nine bums in an alley and a billionaire walks through the AVERAGE in that alley is $100,000,000 per man)(This is the nonsense now being done to these factory people who are all being 'downsized' as the factories close and have to take much lower paying 'service' jobs while the 'average' national income keeps rising)( I mention this after hearing on the National News how many industries in Bloomington have closed and I wonder what all those unemployed/underemployed people will do to the town) Tuesday 11-17-98


From "The Gold of Rock and Roll" by H.Kandy Rohde, $4.95 (purchased 11-13-70, very expensive softcover for those days): THE TOP FIFTY SONGS OF 1967 IN ORDER: ___ ____ 1) groovy, 2)ode to billie joe, 3)the letter, 4)light my fire, 5)im a believer, 6)windy, 7)respect, 8)to sir with love, 9)i think were alone now, 10)apples peaches pumpkin pie, 11)georgy girl, 12)cant take my eyes off you,13) somethin stupid, 14)happy together, 15)expressway to your heart, 16)incense and peppermints, 17)ruby tuesday, 18)gimme little sign,19) all you need is love,20) kind of a drag, 21)little bit o soul, 22)soul man, 23)never my love, 24)come on down to my boat,25) love is here and now youre gone, 26)release me, 27)brown eyed girl, 28)get on up, 29)then you can tell me goodbye, 30)come back when you grow up, 31)the happening, 32)i was made to love her, 33)it must be him, 34)for what its worth, 35)sweet soul music, 36)up up and away, 37)i got rhythm, 38)your precious love, 39)alfie, 40)theres a kind of hush, 41)ive been lonely too long, 42)penny lane, 43)dont you care, 44)jimmy mack, 45)somebody to love, 46)98.6, 47)youre my everything, 48)bernadette, 49)lets live for today, 50)friday on my mind, ____ ____ Top Ten: 9-2-67 REFLECTIONS, ODE TO BILLY JOE, ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, LIGHT MY FIRE, COME BACK WHEN YOU GROW UP, THE LETTER, BABY I LOVE YOU, COLD SWEAT, YOURE MY EVERYTHING, PLEASANT VALLEY SUNDAY,,, 9-9-67; REF, CBWYGU, OTBJ, TL, BILY, YME, AYNIL, APPLES PEACHES PUMPKIN PIE, SAN FRANCISCAN NIGHTS, LMF,,, 9-16-67; TL, REF, OTBJ, CBWYGU, APPP, BILY, SFN, YME, FUNKY BROADWAY, NEVER MY LOVE,,, 9-23-67; TL, CBWYGU, NML, APPP, OTBJ, HIGHER AND HIGHER, REF, BROWN EYED GIRL, FB, I DIG ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC,,, 9-30-67; NML, TL, APPP, CBWYGU, HAH, LITTLE OLE MAN, BEG, HOW CAN I BE SURE, GIMME LITTLE SIGN, OTBJ,,, 10-7-67; NML, TL, LOM, HAH, APPP, BEG, GLS, HCIBS, TO SIR WITH LOVE, CBWYGU, ,, 10-14-67; HAH, NML, TL, LOM, TSWL, BEG, APPP, GLS, IT MUST BE HIM, EXPRESSWAY TO YOUR HEART,,, 10-21-67: TSWL, HAH, NML, ETYH, LOM, IMBH, GLS, TL, SOUL MAN, YOUR PRECIOUS LOVE,,, 10-28-67: TSWL, ETYL, GET ON UP, IMBH, SM, HAH, GLS, A NATURAL WOMAN, INCENSE AND PEPPERMINTS, THE RAIN THE PARK AND OTHER THINGS,,, 11-4-67: SM, GOU, ETYH, TSWL, TRTPAOT, ANW, IAP, GLS, PLEASE LOVE ME FOREVER, I SAY A LITTLE PRAYER,,, 11-11-67: GOU, ETYH, TRTPAOT, IAP, TSWL, ANW, SM, ISALP, PLMF, I CAN SEE FOR MILES,,, 11-18-67: ETYH, GOU, TRTPAOT, IAP, ISALP, PLMF, TSWL, ICSFM, ANW,SM,,, 11-25-67: TRTPAOT, IAP, DAY DREAM BELIEVER, GOU, ETYH, ISALP, ICSFM, PLMF, I HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE, I SECOND THAT EMOTION,,, 12-2-67: IAP, DB, TRTPAOT, ISALP, IHITTG, ICSFM, GOU, HELLO GOODBYE, ISTE, ETYH,,, 12-9-67: DB, IAP, ISALP, TRTPAOT, IHITTG, HG, ISTE, IN AND OUT OF LOVE, BOOGALOO DOWN BROADWAY, KTBR,,, 12-16-67: IHITTG, HG, IAOOL, ISTE, IAP, ISALP, KTBR, BDB, TRTPAOT,,, 12-23-67: ISTE, IHITTG, HG, DB, WOMAN WOMAN, IAOOL, ISALP, KTBR, HONEY CHILE, DIFFERENT DRUM,,, 12-30-67: ISTE, HG, IHITTG, WW, DB, DD, JUDY IN DISGUISE, CHAIN OF FOOLS, HC, BEND ME SHAPE ME. (End of list. Book ends with 1967). TOP TEN SONGS OF AUGUST 1967 (Which would still be heard on the radio in early September): ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, I WAS MADE TO LOVE HER, WINDY, PLEASANT VALLEY SUNDAY, WHITE RABBIT, MERCY MERCY MERCY, MORE LOVE, A GIRL LIKE YOU, CARRIE ANNE, BABY I LOVE YOU, COLD SWEAT,,... ... .... ... TOP TEN SONGS OF June 17-July 31,1967 that may have still been hanging around in September: SOMEBODY TO LOVE, SHE'D RATHER BE WITH ME, CANT TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU, ALL I NEED, GROOVIN, RESPECT, SAN FRANCISCO, MIRAGE, SUNDAY WILL NEVER BE THE SAME, FRIDAY ON MY MIND, LETS LIVE FOR TODAY, COME ON DOWN TO MY BOAT, HERE COMES MY BABY, DONT SLEEP IN THE SUBWAY, UP UP AND AWAY, A WHITER SHADE OF PALE, THE TRACKS OF MY TEARS, C'MON MARIANNE. 12-15-98 tuesday 12-10-98 THURS,,, ____ ____ _____ Somewhere on the web, and I know it exists because i ran into a couple of pages randomly when i first got on this thing, there is a site that has the TOP 100! for each week ever. If I could find that I'd post the Top 100 for right in the middle of the four minth period as that would probably cover everything that appeared between Sept 1 and Dec 31, 1967. So about Oct 31 is what I'd need. Anyone know where that site is? Feb 3, 1999: I just found some of them but I cant get late 1967 just by changing the date. The following will bring you to the TOP 135 SONGS of June 17, 1967:

Bits from 1967-68 REDBOOK...

Lux et Veritas... 1967-68 RED BOOK indiana university ... Directory of Students and Faculty on the Bloomington Campus... Distributed by the Y.W.C.A. and the Y.M.C.A. ..... INSTRUCTIONS FOR EMERGENCIES... FOR FIRE Dial 9 (Red A) or Dial 8 (Red S)- Then dial 332-6326 (City Fire Department).... FOR POLICE Dial 7-4111 (Campus Police)... Dial 9 (Red A) or Dial 8 (Red S)- Then Dial 332-6321 (City Police Department)... FOR BUILDING OR CAMPUS EMERGENCIES During regular office hours, dial 7-8295 (Physical Plant) or At other hours- 7-4111 (Safety Division)... FOR INJURY OR ILLNESS If an AMBULANCE is needed dial 9 (Red A) or dial 8 (Red S). Then dial 332-6321 (City Police Department). For other emergency transporation, call Safety Division 7-4111. First aid is available to persons brought to the Student Health Center 600 North Jordan Avenue (corner of N.Jordan and E.Tenth). Treatment beyond first aid is provided at the Student Health Center for students only. The Health Center is open at all times for medical emergenies. ... For further advice concerning management of an injury or sudden illness call the Student Health Center, 7-4011. ... If injured person is an employee of Indiana University, his supervisor should be notified at once. (1998: What a difference from the 911 of today, eh?) _____ ____ ____ Indiana University CALENDAR for 1967-68 Bloomington Campus. FIRST SEMESTER New student meeting- Junior Division___Sept.10, Sun,7:30 p.m. New student meeting-transfer and graduate___Sept.11,M,9a.m. Counselling___Sept.11,12;M,T Registration___Sept.12,13,14;T,W,Th Classes begin___Sept.15,F,7:30a.m. Mid-term reports due___Nov.8,W,5p.m. Thanksgiving recess begins___Nov.21, T (After last class) Thanksgiving recess ends___ Nov. 27,M, 7:30 a.m. Christmas recess begins___ Dec. 20, W (After last class) Christmas recess ends___ Jan.3,W,7:30 a.m. Classes end___ Jan.17,W Examinations begin___Jan.19,F, 7:45 a.m. Examinations end___ Jan.26,F, 5:15 p.m.

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